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On the night that the Travel Writing Seminar had host reponsibilities, it was fitting that we actually engaged in a bit of travel.  At 4:00 we ventured to Brompton (the Home of the President of the University of Mary Washington) where we posed for pictures, toured the house, and were treated to an impromptu lecture on the significance of the grounds during the Battle of Fredericksburg.   Advising groups then began the trek to the Faculty Dining Room where we had the great pleasure of hearing readings from travel diaries, partaking in a delicious tour of some of the world’s great cuisines, and engaging in an evening of conversation about our own travels.

On Tuesday, 10/2, the “Daily Life in Ancient Rome” seminar is sponsoring a guest lecture by Jack Trammell of Randolph-Macon College, entitled “Education and Disability in the Ancient World.” Dr. Trammel’s talk will be from 5-6 pm in Trinkle 204, and there will be a pre-talk reception (free food!) at 4:30 outside Trinkle 204.

Busses will leave at 8AM on Saturday, October 6, from College Street just outside Seacobeck. (The Dining Hall opens at 7:15 if you’d like to catch breakfast before we go.) We will be back on campus no later than 6pm. The drive both ways should be beautiful, with the fall colors reaching their peak as we go further into the mountains.

Once at Harper’s Ferry, you can design your own tour depending on your interests. We’ll start in the park headquarters to pick up maps, then fan out to the many attractions: the Lower Town (a restored 19th-century village), Virginius Island (the well-preserved ruins of a thriving 19th-century industrial town), Bolivar Heights and its spectacular views of the Harpers Ferry Water Gap, Schoolhouse Ridge and other civil war battle sites, the C&O Canal, and others. At noon we’ll regroup for a (reasonably good!) box lunch from Seacobeck. At one o’clock, you can hear a presentation by a well-known living history reenactor who portrays the even-better-known Abraham Lincoln,  or you can continue touring on your own. There are many hiking trails available for the intrepid, and of course great views in many directions.

To learn more about Harper’s Ferry National Park, visit http://www.nps.gov/hafe/.

To go on this trip, you need to have signed up and filled out the form . . . email Dr. M. at mmcallis@umw.edu if you haven’t already done both.

Bring your family or come on your own!

What: a reception for Brompton Seminar participants and their families

When: 9-10 AM on Saturday, September 29

Where: Combs Hall third floor lobby

Tonight was a night which focused on celebrating the life and work of Dr. Farmer.  I was blown away by the enthusiasm and energy all Brompton Seminar participants brought to the table.  The highlights included:

  • A musical celebration of the songs of the civil rights movement
  • A hearty buffet of old fashioned soul food topped off by sweet potato pie
  • An exploration of defining moments in the young Farmer’s life
  • A reenactment of a legendary debate between Farmer and Malcolm X
  • A wideranging group discussion of the Jena Six
  • Advice from the field on navigating the first year experience and applying Richard Light’s suggestions
  • A t-shirt competition that netted consensus through merging design elements
  • The symbolic signficance of a bottle of coca-cola

Finally, participants in my FSEM did a fantastic job of planning and preparing for the evening (in just a short period of time).  You put it all together and you did a great job!

Folks in the Travel and Farmer seminars might be particularly interested in this one:

Freedom Writers

The James Farmer Multicultural Center invites the entire UMW community to view the movie “Freedom Writers” on Sunday, September 16, at 6 p.m. in Chandler 201.

As a multicultural contribution to the campus history during its centennial year, the Center is encouraging all students to submit a written work that can be published among 100 submissions in early spring. This will be a student-driven project. The writings, art for the book cover, and the title of the book will be a result of your creativity. Please encourage students to attend on September 16 to get all of the details! For more information, call 654-1044 or email spayne2@umw.edu

The first meeting of the Brompton Seminars will be on Monday, August 27th.  We will convene at 4:15 in Combs 139 for an introduction to the Brompton blog/website and a primer on the various Google resources which can enhance your academic experience at UMW.

At 5:00 will we head to the faculty dining room for dinner and a discussion of Richard Light’s  book.  Read what you can.  Read what interests you.  Read sections that you think speak to your circumstances as a first year college student.

We look forward to seeing you!

Step 1: Get a user name at UMW Blogs. You may also get a blog as your own personal web space/blog.

Step 2: Email Tim O’Donnell with your UMW email address and you will be added as a user.

All members of the Brompton Seminars should be receiving copies of Richard Light’s book “Making the Most of College” in the next few days. We want you to read this book in preparation for our dinner meeting on Monday, August 27th from 5:00-7:00 pm.

This page is under development and will serve as the homepage for the Fall 2007 Brompton Seminars.